Bright congratulations on the holidays that will touch your friends and will be remembered by your client

Congratulations automation service

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How it works?

Import your contacts

Import your contacts from social networks and messengers or manually add the dates that matter

Customize your greetings

See your friends shine

Write your own message, use our built-in templates or let the AI create a personalized greeting you cannot come up with
Take a moment and see how easy it is to not lose touch with someone who is meaningful for you

3 simple steps to make your friends and colleagues happier


Smart reminders

Customize your reminders for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions to never miss an important event again.

Built-in templates

Start with built-in templates and create more engaging greetings to show your friends and colleagues that you care.

AI magic

Let the AI show creativity and write personalized greetings for you. First you fear, then you never write a message yourself.


Automate the repetitive stuff you do and congratulate more people with less effort.

Holidai has your back, even when you miss the date


for 1 person per month
Unlimited reminders
Unlimited contact imports
10 type of holidays
5 greeting templates
for 1 person per month
Unlimited reminders
Unlimited contact imports
All types of holidays
10 greeting templates
20 contacts for automation
for 1 person per month
Unlimited reminders
Unlimited contact imports
All types of holidays
All greeting templates
All contacts for automation
AI generation
Sync with G Calendar, Outlook

Simple pricing and flexible plans for everyone


For business

Holidai collects all important dates in one place and sends automated personalized greetings to your employees, partners, clients and leads. Be the company that cares and give people supporting your business the attention they deserve.

Automate your greetings today

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